NUCCA Student Spring Conference 2020.: Film Quality


Level 1 X-Ray: Participants will learn when to use which filters to get the best image for each film. They will find out what to look for to determine if they have good quality images. Participants will discover how to change mAs and filter combinations to get the crispest films. They will learn what doctors are looking for to pass films for certification. Discussion of atlas position, head rotation and proper S factors. No CE available for this lecture.


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Dr. Craig Lapenski is one of only 24 board-certified NUCCA practitioners worldwide. He is a strong proponent of active health and the empowerment of the patient in the healing process. Dr. Lapenski has been drawn into the study of the upper cervical spine because of the impact it has had on his own health, and the profound impact he has observed it having on the thousands of people he has cared for. He believes that adopting a proactive health care model for yourself is one of the best decisions you can make in your life, and that the most foundational component to being healthy is good brain/body communication.

The study of the upper cervical spine continues to fascinate him with its level of complexity, as well as its impact on global health and well-being. His approach – and Advanced Spinal Care’s methodology as a whole – is an unparalleled commitment to the study and correction of each person’s upper cervical misalignment. Akin to a locksmith endeavoring to figure out the exact specifics for each lock, Dr. Lapenski meticulously examines each patient who comes through his door, seeking to detect and correct each person’s greatest detractor of health in a way very few can.

Dr. Lapenski is happily married with 4 children. He enjoys hiking, fishing, and the outdoors, and is a committed Christian.

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