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Transcripts & Certificate of Completion

Certificates of completion will no longer be mailed to attendees.  Transcripts and certificates of completion (from July, 2018) are available for download or printing on a free, self-service basis for both live and online seminars. 

Attendance records from timecards and/or online attendance will be entered into the system within one week of the seminar, then certificates will be available to you.  You will be emailed a notification when certificates are ready for printing or downloading.

You may return to print copies of certificates or transcripts (July 2018+) at any time without charge by following these simple steps

  1. Log in to your Life West CE account using the link in the upper right corner
  2. Select Transcripts from the grey My Account menu
  3. Select the Download link by the desired seminar
  4. Retrieve the downloaded document to save or print. Depending on your browser, this may require additional steps.

Life West maintains CE records from 1996 to present. Certificates originated since July 2018ke may be retrieved free of charge through this system.  For certificates issued prior to July 2018, you may request a duplicate certificate for $35 by emailing or calling 510.780.4508. (waived for Life West full and part time faculty and Board members).

Contact the CE office at or 510.780.4508 if you encounter any difficulties.

Directions & Classroom Locations

Click here for directions to the Life West campus in Hayward. Park and enter on the southwest side of the building, facing Clawiter Road. Classroom locations are not listed on the website owing to the occasional need for last minute room changes. Up to date seminar room locations and directions are posted throughout the building.

Locations for all seminars, on or off campus, are included on the "Location" tab on the course page.

CE Credit: Board Approvals & Timecards

Chiropractic Board Approvals

All programs and instructors are approved at minimum by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners, unless otherwise noted. 

Many seminars are approved in states outside of California, in Canadian provinces, and beyond.  Check the Course Summary box on the right side of the course overview tab, or check the Credits tab to see the full list of approvals, including which California category the seminar falls into.

By virtue of Life West being accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education, the following states generally approve all programs: Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana (no online), Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi (no online), Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, U.S. Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming.

California Radiology Approvals

By virtue of Life West seminars being approved by the California Board of Chiropractic Examiners, all x-ray seminars pertaining to the human body are approved by the Radiologic Health Branch of the California Department of Public Health.


You will receive a timecard when you check in at your CE seminar.  In order to receive CE credit, your timecard must be stamped or signed by a seminar monitor each time you enter and leave the seminar room, it must bear your signature, and it must be returned at the end of the seminar.  You will only receive CE credit for time spent learning in the seminar room.  Absence or tardiness of more than ten minutes will result in loss of credit for a minimum of a half-hour. 

California and most other states consider an hour to be 50 minutes.  If you are from a 60 minute state, your CE credit will be calculated on that basis.

Late Registration, Cancellation, & Grievance Resolution

Late Registration

Within one business day of the start of a seminar, a late registration fee of $25 will be added to all registrations.

Cancellation by Registrant

Please contact the Postgraduate & Continuing Education department at or 510.780.4508 to cancel your registration.

Refunds for program registration are granted if requested in writing no later than one business day before program begins. If registrants cancel within one week of program start date, a $50 processing fee will be deducted from refunds.

Less than one business day before the program begins, registration is nonrefundable.

Cancellation by Life West

Every attempt is made to offer Life West CE programs as announced. However, Life West reserves the right to adjust program faculty, locations, dates, times and tuition to accommodate unanticipated occurrences and to cancel programs owing to insufficient enrollment, illness, or other factors.  Life West will notify advance registrants of any cancellation or significant program changes. Life West is not responsible for any expenses incurred by registrants due to adjustments or cancellations.

Grievance Resolution

If you have a serious concern of a financial nature, submit a full description of the grievance in writing to the Director of Postgraduate and Continuing Education via  Upon assessment of the circumstances surrounding the grievance, the Director will make a determination as to the validity of the complaint and the degree of the College’s culpability.  Resolution may include a refund (full or partial), a course credit (full or partial) or no action.

For serious concerns of discrimination or harassment, see the Life West Grievance Procedure.

Adjusting Policy & Using New Procedures

Adjusting and Being Adjusted during Seminars

Chiropractors may only adjust in states where they hold current DC licenses. This includes attendees and postgraduate faculty.

Any licensed attendee adjusting during a seminar assumes legal liability for her/his actions. Life West is liable for the actions of contracted postgraduate faculty only.

Life West students may not adjust anyone other than Life West students.  Life West Doctor of Chiropractic Program (DCP) students may adjust other Life West DCP students during a seminar only under the supervision of a a Life West DCP faculty member holding a current DC license from the state where the seminar is located.

Students from other chiropractic colleges may not adjust anyone other than students from their college.  Students from other chiropractic colleges may adjust other students from their college during a seminar only under the supervision of a Doctor of Chiropractic Program faculty member from their college holding a current DC license from the state where the seminar is located.

Any advice or diagnostic/therapeutic procedures that are demonstrated or performed in Life West seminars do not constitute a doctor-patient relationship and do not substitute for necessary care.  Participants have the option not to be adjusted during Life West CE seminars.  If you choose to be adjusted, you do so at your own risk.  It is your responsibility to inform the person adjusting you of any physical limitations or health concerns. Life Chiropractic College West assumes no liability for adjustments delivered by those other than contracted Life West faculty.

Using New Procedures

Please be cautious about integrating new techniques or procedures into your practice after receiving only limited instruction.  Extensive study and practice is recommended before using new techniques or procedures.

Life West Alumae/i, Student, Faculty, & Staff Discounts

Alumnae/i Continuing Education Benefits

First Year after Graduation
In the first year after graduation Life West alumni may receive:

Continuing Education seminar: one complementary registration to a seminar sponsored solely by Life West
The Wave: one complementary registration

First Three Years after Graduation
In the first three years after graduation Life West alumni may receive:

Continuing Education seminars: 20% discount on registration for seminars sponsored solely by Life West

Discounts must be applied at time of registration; no retroactive discounts.  Years are calculated from the last day of the quarter of graduation.  Does not include Postgraduate Certification Program seminars.  Non-transferable.

Contact the Office of Postgraduate & Continuing Education at or 510.780.4508 for discounted registration codes.

Faculty & Staff Continuing Education Benefits

Discounted faculty and staff seats are available for seminars sponsored solely by Life West as space allows.  Online seminars are included in this policy.

Full time Faculty and Staff

Seminars sponsored solely by Life West: Free

Part time Faculty and Staff

Seminars sponsored solely by Life West, up to six hours: Free
Seminars sponsored solely by Life West, over six hours, with the exception of certificate series: 50% off

Retired Faculty and Staff
With minimum 10 years’ full time service to Life West immediately preceding retirement.

Seminars sponsored solely by Life West: Free

Postgraduate Faculty

Seminars sponsored solely by Life West, up to six hours: one free per year

Contact or 510.780.4508 for details or assistance.

Student Continuing Education Benefits

Current Life West students are eligible for free or discounted registration for selected seminars.  Discounts, when available, are indicated on the website.

Student Friday Seminar Makeup

Students who have insufficient Friday seminar attendance during a given quarter may, at the discretion of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, take 7+ Life West CE hours to fulfill that requirement.  Students must receive approval from the VPAA and bear the cost of the seminars.  Students are responsible for submitting their certificate(s) of completion to the Registrar's Office.

Students enrolled in a preceptorship out of state during their final quarter at Life West may take 7+ Life West CE hours to fulfill that requirement, at no cost. Contact the Office of Postgraduate & Continuing Education at or 510.780.4508 for discounted registration codes.

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