WAVE 2023: 5 Hours or 12 Hours CE (online)

This seminar is available only to credit registrants to The WAVE 2023 who attended sessions in Hayward on August 4-5, 2023.


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5 Hours General CE Online

Part 1: Imaging for the Chiropractic Adjustment
Bryan Gatterman, DC, DACBR
Hours: 2.5 hrs

This presentation is designed for the clinical use of imaging in a chiropractic practice. Every patient is different and poses a new challenge to the chiropractor. Here I try to meld together the things I know as a radiologist with those things I have learned from practicing chiropractors.

Part 2: Diagnostic Imaging Case Review
: Jamie Motley, DC, DACBR
Hours: 2.5 hours

Discussion in case presentation style reviewing imaging indications, findings and follow-up on various cases presenting to the Life West Health Center.

12 Hours General CE Online

Chiropractic and the Polyvagal Theory Made Easy & Applicable
Monika Buerger, BS, DC
4 CE hours

The body's wandering nerve - the Vagus Nerve - has made a huge splash in the world of health and well-being in the past two decades. Join Dr. Buerger as she breaks down the Polyvagal Theory into easy to understand, bite-size pieces to help chiropractors and their staff better understand and communicate the importance of the vagus nerve. Then learn how to apply these principles to everyday practice!    

Monika Buerger, BS, DC, is the pioneer in the chiropractic profession when it comes to working with children that have neurosensory and neurodevelopmental disorders. She is a powerful and engaging instructor who brings it all down to earth for the every-day practitioner. She is not to be missed!

The Optimal Human Operating System
Ryan Lazarus, DC
1 CE hour

With an emphasis on nutrition, Dr. Ryan Lazarus will discuss a proprietary system that will review a holistic and comprehensive approach to achieving optimal health for ourselves and our patients. This innovative model illustrates the operating system and will review each component.

  • How Nutrition and Supplements complement chiropractic therapy (primary segment)
  • The importance of Chiropractic Therapy & Fitness to overall health
  • How sleep and rest support the parasympathetic nervous system
  • How learning, connection to nature and challenging yourself are an X factor for cultivating your life's purpose and achieving your ultimate health goals
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Bryan Gatterman, DC


Dr. Gatterman is a professor at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California and has been on faculty since 1983. He is a graduate of the Western states Chiropractic College and residency trained in chiropractic radiology. Dr. Gatterman has practiced as a DACBR for over 30 years. Dr. Gatterman’s areas of expertise include chiropractic x-ray interpretation, magnetic resonance imaging, digital motion x-ray and musculoskeletal diagnostic ultrasound. Dr. Gatterman has extensive postgraduate lecture experience over a number of topics related to musculoskeletal imaging.

Jamie Motley, DC, MS, DACBR


Dr. Jamie P Motley, DC, MS, DACBR completed her Doctorate of Chiropractic studies in 2009 at Life Chiropractic College West. As a chiropractic student, Motley developed a keen interest in radiology. Shortly following graduation she entered a Diplomat of the American Chiropractic College of Radiology post-doctorate program at New York Chiropractic College in upstate NY. Upon successfully completing the DACBR program, Dr. Motley started a private reading practice interpreting Radiographic, MRI and CT musculoskeletal studies. In 2013, Dr. Motley accepted a teaching position here at Life West where she currently teaches and reads imaging studies and inspires students. In 2019 Dr. Motley took on a new position as the founding director of Life West’s Master’s of Science in Diagnostic Imaging program.

Monika Buerger, BS, DC


Dr. Monika Buerger graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 1991. She also has an undergraduate degree in Exercise Physiology from California State University, Fresno. She has enjoyed extensive post-graduate training in the areas of neurodevelopment, functional neurology, neuro-nutrition and functional wellness. She has a private family practice in Ammon, Idaho that is dedicated to serving those with neurodevelopmental challenges, neurodegenerative disorders and chronic health issues. She is the pioneer in the chiropractic profession when it comes to working with children that have neurosensory and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Ryan Lazarus, DC


Dr. Ryan Lazarus is the clinical director at Lazarus Chiropractic & Wellness in California's Napa Valley and Diablo Valley. He’s a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner with the Institute for Functional Medicine and a Board-Certified Nutrition Specialist. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer West and master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. He is a health consultant, researcher, entrepreneur and lectures for Standard Process regarding whole foods nutrition strategies.

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