Human Anatomy for Health and Fitness Professionals (Kunsman, Dec 1-2)

Hayward, CA US
December 1, 2018 to December 2, 2018


Increase your understanding of the biomechanics and the anatomy of the human body and how the adjustment positively influences biomechanics as well as neurology.

Learn implications of anomalies and conditions that individualize care and progressive training.

Consider clinical applications and visualize common conditions and syndromes appearing in the spine and extremities.

Improve your understanding of stabilization, proprioception and endurance of the core and how feed-forward control mechanisms play a vital role in maintaining these systems.

Through “hands on” study of human cadaver dissections, participants will experience first-hand that:

  • The “body is a scrap book” of all life experiences and is reflected in the state of all body structures, from soft tissue to bony articulations;
  • All human movements have a “risk to benefit” relationship that is mirrored by the integrity of the musculoskeletal system, from superficial to deep structures;
  • Anomalies and variants of structures are the rule rather than the exception, emphasizing the need for individualized training, health and fitness prescription;
  • Postural integration is the most important exercise, and can be best understood through a three dimensional “inside out” approach of components;
  • The “wet laboratory”setting remains the premiere learning venue for serious health and fitness professionals, regardless of what electronic applications are available for study of human anatomy.

To enable sufficient access to the cadavers for all participants, enrollment is limited to 24 registrants.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the seminar, you will be better able to understand the biomechanics and the anatomy of the human body and how the adjustment positively influences biomechanics as well as neurology.

Course summary
Available credit: 
  • 12.00 CA Acupuncture Board
    California Acupuncture Board
  • 12.00 CA Chiro Board, Category B
    CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Cat B
Course opens: 
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Event starts: 
12/01/2018 - 9:00am PST
Event ends: 
12/02/2018 - 4:00pm PST

Hour 1:    Biomechanics of the spine - Including IVD and disc info, trauma to the disc, movement patterns of the regions.

Hour 2:    Musculature of the posterior spine - Including origin, insertion, action, and innervation

Hour 3:    Musculature of the anterior spine and respiration - Including origin, insertion, action, and innervation

Hour 4:    In lab exploration of posterior muscles

Hour 5:    In lab exploration of posterior and anterior muscles

Hour 6:    In lab exploration of posterior and anterior muscles

Hour 7:    Biomechanics of the extremities - Including main joints, scapulothoracic rhythm, ROM's

Hour 8:    Shoulder Girdle and upper extremities - Including origin, insertion, action, innervation and wrist bones

Hour 9:    Pelvic girdle and lower extremity - Including origin, insertion, action and innervation.  Tarsal bones and movements

Hour 10: In lab exploration of shoulder girdle and upper extremity

Hour 11: In lab exploration of shoulder girdle, upper extremity, pelvic girdle, and lower extremity

Hour 12: In lab exploration of pelvic girdle and lower extremity


Life Chiropractic College West
25001 Industrial Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94545
United States
+1 (510) 780-4508

Park by Student Entrance on Clawiter Road side of building, then look for signage directing you to the check-in area. 

See Campus Map for details.

James Kunsman, DCDr. James Kunsman, DC, practices at Vallejo Chiropractic and American Canyon Chiropractic, both in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He received his Advanced Proficiency rating from Activator Methods International and is certified in Functional Movement Technique (FMT).

Dr. Kunsman graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in 2011 where he has been a part-time anatomy instructor and a two-time winner of the Commitment To Excellence Award.  He served in the United States Air Force for four years including active duty in Saudi Arabia and Dijbouti Africa. In addition, he served for eight years in the Air National Guard.

Dr. Kunsman is a black belt in Tae Soo Do, a motorcycle enthusiast and an animal lover.

See below for a list of credits available for this seminar. 

Life Chiropractic College West is accredited by the CCE and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

NOTE to DCs licensed in: CO, CT, DE, DC, ID, IL, IA, MD, MA, MI, MS, MT, NE, OH, OR, RI, SC, UT, VT, VA, WA, WY, BC, NB, ON, QC.  These states generally accept programs sponsored by a college that is accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE).  These states and provincial boards do not require an application from CCE colleges. While it is higly likely that credits will be accepted, Life Chiropractic College West cannot guarantee that any session of this offering will be accepted by these licensing board(s). Life West urges licensees to familiarize themselves with the laws governing continuing education in the jurisdictions where they hold licensure.

Available Credit Hours

  • 12.00 CA Acupuncture Board
    California Acupuncture Board
  • 12.00 CA Chiro Board, Category B
    CA Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Cat B


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