Life West's Postgraduate & Continuing Education department offers continuing education sponsorship and support services to the following organizations, conferences, and seminars.  Contact us today at or 510.780.4508 to see how we can support your next event.



Live Online

Personal Injury for the 21st Century (16hrs)   &   Total Rehab for the 21st Century (16 hrs).      Meets all TX CE requirements.

Register for CE Credit here.


CEA: Council on Extremity Adjusting

Certified Chiropractic Extremities Practitioner (CCEP) & other programs
Live seminars

Education, training, and coaching to help chiropractors grow their businesses while working less.


Dr. Donofrio’s Y-Files: Taking Chiropractic to a New Dimension

w/ Brendan Crawford, DC (12hrs)
Live seminars

"The seminar was incredible. I have a new perspective on how to "treat" patients and actually make sick people well. The knowledge that I received this weekend will last me a lifetime."

ICAICA Symposium on Natural Fitness & Sports

Annual Conference

The series of programs include high-energy continuing education (CE) with exciting updates on sports science with practical applications.  Join the faculty & athletes for fantastic presentations full of insights, information and inspiration.



Live Online, On-Demand Online, & Live Seminars

Dr. Monika Buerger is a pioneer and expert with children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Seminars live on site, live online, and online on demand. 
Courses include:
3Ms: All about Methylation, Mitochondria & Metabolism;
Balancing the Two Brains: The Gut-Brain Sensory Axis for Chiropractors;
Fostering Optimal Neurodevelopment; and
Ties that Bind: The ABCs of Tethered Oral Tissues.

Kid's Summit

Kid's Summit

Biannual Conference

The Kid's Summit brings together great speakers and raises funds for paediatric research. The location alternates between Australia and the United States.

Max Living

Max Living (formerly Maximized Living)

MLX Conferences

MLX is a princi‍‍‍ple-driven chiropractic seminar which is open to all chiropractors, CAs, and students.


NUCCA - National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association

Fall & Spring Conferences

Gather with the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association to hone your skills and discover the latest news about NUCCA and upper cervial research.

Standard Process of Northern California

Standard Process of Northern California

Nutrition Seminars
Live Online & Live Seminars

Nutrition and functional medicine seminars in Alameda, CA and other northern CA locations, and live online.